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General Tests/Methods Guidelines:

  • Sample container recommendation based on single sample collection, QC requirements not included
  • Samples should be kept cool at all times (4ºC)
  • Do not overfill preserved sample containers, chemical burns may result
  • For chain of custody form, please visit the Resources page


AnalysisMethodContainerPreservativeHolding Time
BTEX8260A4oz.,GlassCool, 4ºC14 Days
Chlorinated Herbicides81514oz.,GlassCool, 4ºC14/40 Days
Chromium, Hexavalent7196A4oz.,Glass28 Days
Cyanides, Reactive7.3.3.24oz.,GlassCool, 4ºC14 Days
Cyanides, Total9010C4oz.,GlassCool, 4ºC14 Days
Ignitability10304oz.,Glass14 Days
Metals6010B/7471B4oz.,Glass6 Months
Paint Filter90954oz.,Glass7 Days
PCBs8082A4oz.,GlassCool, 4ºC6 Months
Pesticides, Chlorinated8081B4oz.,GlassCool, 4ºC14/40 Days
pH (corrosivity)9045C2oz.,Glass
Phenol8270C4oz.,GlassCool, 4ºC14/40 Days
PhenolicsSM5530 E&D4oz.,GlassCool, 4ºC28 Days
Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons8270C4oz.,GlassCool, 4ºC14/40 Days
Semi-Volatile Organics8270C4oz.,GlassCool, 4ºC14/40 Days
Sulfide – Reactive7.3.4.24oz.,Glass14 Days
Total Organic CarbonWalkley Black4oz.,GlassCool, 4ºC28 Days
Volatile Organics8260A4oz.,GlassCool, 4ºC14 Days


AnalysisMethodContainerPreservativeHolding Time
AciditySM2310B250ml, PlasticCool, 4ºC14 Days
AlkalinitySM2320B250ml, PlasticCool, 4ºC14 Days
Ammonia NitrogenSM4500-NH3 B,E500ml, PlasticH2SO4 <2, Cool, 4ºC28 Days
BOD5SM5210B500ml, PlasticCool, 4ºC48 Hours
BTEX624, 8260A/8260B40ml VOA vial x 2HCL <2, Cool, 4C14 Days
CBODSM5210B500ml, PlasticCool, 4ºC48 Hours
Chloride300.0125ml, PlasticNone28 Days
Chlorinated Herbicides81511L, Amber GlassCool, 4ºC7/40 Days
Chlorine, ResidualSM 4500-C/B125ml, PlasticNoneASAP
Chromium, Hexavalent7196A125ml, PlasticCool, 4ºC24 Hours
COD410.4125ml, PlasticH2SO4 <2, Cool 4ºC28 Days
Coliform, FecalSM9222-D100ml, PlasticSterile, Na2S2O3, 4ºC6 Hours
Coliform, TotalSM9222-B100ml, PlasticSterile, Na2S2O3, 4ºC6 Hours
Cyanides, Amenable335.1250ml, PlasticNaOH pH> 12, Cool, 4ºC14 Days
Cyanides, FreeSM4500-CN-I250ml, PlasticNaOH pH> 12, Cool, 4ºC14 Days
Cyanides, Total335.4/9010C250ml, PlasticNaOH pH> 12, Cool, 4ºC14 Days
E. ColiSM9222-B100ml, PlasticSterile, Na2S2O3, 4ºC6 Hours
Flashpoint1010M/D93500ml, PlasticNoneNone
Fluoride300.0125ml, PlasticNone28 Days
Kjeldahl Nitrogen, TotalSM 4500-NORG B500ml, PlasticCool, 4ºC, H2SO4 <26 Months
Mercury, Low Level1631E500ml, Glass (specially cleaned)28 Days
Metals200.7, 6010B500ml, PlasticHNO3 pH <26 Months
Nitrate300.0125ml, PlasticCool, 4ºC48 Hours
Nitrite300.0125ml, PlasticCool, 4ºC48 Hours
Oil and Grease16641L, Amber GlassHC1 <2, Cool, 4ºC28 Days
OrthophosphateSM4500-P E125ml, Amber GlassCool, 4C48 Hours
PCBs608, 8082A1L, Amber GlassCool, 4ºC6 Months
Pesticides, Chlorinated608, 8081B1L, Amber GlassCool, 4ºC7/40 Days
pHSM4500-H+B125ml, PlasticNoneImmediate
PhenolicsSM5530D+C250ml, Amber GlassH2SO4 <2, Cool, 4ºC28 Days
Phenols625, 8270B1L, Amber GlassCool, 4ºC7/40 Days
Phosphorus, Total365.1, SM4500-P E250ml,PlasticH2SO4 <2, Cool, 4ºC28 Days
Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons625, 8270C1L, Amber GlassCool, 4ºC7/40 Days
Semi-volatile Organics625, 8270C1L, Amber GlassCool, 4ºC7/40 Days
Solids, Dissolved TotalSM2540C250ml, PlasticCool, 4ºC7 Days
Solids, TotalSM2540B250ml, PlasticCool, 4ºC7 Days
Solids, Total SuspendedSM2540D250ml, PlasticCool, 4ºC7 Days
Solids, VolatileSM2540E250ml, PlasticCool, 4ºC7 Days
Sulfate300.0125ml, PlasticCool, 4ºC28 Days
Sulfide9030A250ml, PlasticNaOH, Zn(C2H3O2)2, Cool, 4ºC7 Days
Surfactants (MBAs)SM5540C500ml, PlasticCool, 4ºC48 Hours
Total Organic Carbon415.2125ml, Amber GlassH3P04 <2, Cool, 4ºC28 Days
TPH418.11L, Amber GlassHCL <2, Cool, 4ºC28 Days
TPH-DRO8015A Modified1L, Amber GlassCool, 4ºC7/40 Days
TPH-GRO8015A Modified40ml VOA vial x 2HCL <2, Cool, 4ºC14 Days
Turbidity180.1125ml, PlasticCool, 4ºC48 Hours
Volatile Organics624, 8260A/8260B40ml VOA vial x 2HCL <2, Cool, 4ºC14 Days
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