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OSHA regulations require asbestos training, at the appropriate level, for all employees whose work involves contact with asbestos containing materials. This requirement extends beyond asbestos abatement workers to include maintenance and custodial staff in schools and all other facilities. EA Group provides customized asbestos training, at your facility, for the following training levels:

OSHA Class IV: Awareness Training. This is typically a 2 hour session designed to provide an awareness of asbestos hazards, locations and types of asbestos in the facility, and measures for avoiding exposure and fiber releases.

OSHA Class III: Operations and Maintenance Training. This training is required for workers that may be expected to disturb asbestos materials in the course of their work, and may be required to perform small scale removals. Training sessions may be 16 hours in length, including hands-on training.

In addition to the initial training, OSHA regulations also require annual refreshers for all affected workers.

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