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Like any construction specifications, abatement designs are intended to avoid bidding conflicts, change orders and construction problems. Abatement designs also clarify the regulatory requirements and procedures for protecting workers and building occupants. Depending on the scope of the abatement, design documents may be detailed specifications in CSI or similar format, or they can be prepared as a simplified Statement of Work for smaller projects. Our certified project designers have designed complex abatement projects in all environments: education, healthcare, manufacturing, utilities, and government installations.

Oversight of abatement projects provides owners with the additional monitoring and control over the risks associated with asbestos abatement. Our certified asbestos specialists have extensive experience overseeing the abatement process from start to finish. We review and approve documents and worker certifications, verify that containments and structures are in compliance, and provide daily monitoring of the abatement process. Daily monitoring includes inspections air sampling and on-site analysis to document that site controls and procedural controls are functioning properly.

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